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Q: Where can I find the full text of the ballot measure?

A: You can visit the Clatsop County Ballot Measures page at:

Q: What does the levy renewal support?

A: The renewal supports existing library hours, library programs including children’s reading programs, homework and learning support, job seeker assistance, and programs and services for all ages, with a focus on school age children, for the City of Warrenton Community Library.

Q: When does the current levy expire?

A: The current library operating levy expires June 30, 2023.

Q: What are the estimated funds this levy will raise for the library?

A: It is estimated that this tax will raise...

$254,654 in FY 2023-2024

$262,294 in FY 2024-2025

$270,163 in FY 2025-2026

$278,268 in FY 2026-2027

and $286,616 in FY 2027-2028

For a total of $1,351,994 in funds raised for library operations over the five-year period. 

Q: Is this levy a tax increase?

A: No. This levy is an extension of the existing tax rate. 

Q: What are the cost and terms of this levy?*

A: The current levy rate is 33 cents per $1,000 of assessed property value

The proposed new levy rate: 33 cents per $1,000 of assessed property value

(This is not an increase in the tax rate!)

A home with an assessed value of $250,000 will pay $82.50 per year, or less than $7.00 a month. A home with an assessed value of $500,000 will pay $165 per year, or less than $14.00 a month.

*The estimated tax cost for this measure is an ESTIMATE ONLY based on the best information available from the county assessor at the time of estimate.

Q: How is the library funded?

A: The levy provides 100% of total library funding. 

Q: What would happen if the levy is not renewed?

A: The Warrenton Community Library will close if the operating levy fails.

Q: When is the special election taking place?

Ballots will be mailed out to voters beginning April 17th.

The last day to register to be able to vote in the May special election is April 25th

Your ballot for the May 16, 2023 Regular District Election must be postmarked on or before May 16, or delivered to the Elections Office or an Official Dropsite by 8:00 p.m. Election Day. 

Q: Where can I drop my ballot off in the City of Warrenton?

A: You can drop your ballot off at the 24-Hour Drive-up Drop Box, located outside of City Hall in back parking lot off SW Main Ct.


The Warrenton City Hall address is 225 S. Main Ave., Warrenton OR 97146

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