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WCL Policies

Library Cards @ WCL

Warrenton Community Library primarily serves citizens of the Warrenton area.  We also issue temporary cards for visitors and cards for eligible members of the ROCC program.

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Internet Access and Use 

Warrenton Community Library offers free Wi-Fi throughout the  building and five public computers for anyone to use. The library's public computers allow users to search a variety of electronic resources as well as access to the Internet, word processing software, and printing capabilities in addition to other applications. Printouts cost 10¢ per page in black & white and 25¢ for color. 

Patron Responsibilities 

It is the policy of the Warrenton Community Library to provide a safe, comfortable environment that is conducive to the use of library materials and facilities. The library is designed for the use of all members of the public. Patrons are expected to observe the rights of other patrons and staff members regarding the use of the library and its intended purposes. 

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Donation Policy

The library accepts donations of recent books, recorded books on CD, music CDs and DVDs.  Donations should be clean and in good condition and preferably published in the last five years.  A rule of thumb is; donate it to the library if you would give it to a friend.

The library does not accept donations of: old textbooks, VHS/cassettes, Encyclopedias. 

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Collection Development

This policy statement has been developed to promote public understanding of the purpose and nature of the Warrenton Community Library collection development practices and to give guidance and direction to library staff.

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Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion

WCL defines diversity broadly to include age, gender, culture, race, religion, sexual orientation, socio-economic background and ability. Equity refers to fairness and social justice, such as treating people fairly while recognizing different people's needs may differ significantly. Inclusion means the act of including, and making people feel they are welcome and belong as valued members of the library and local community. 

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